Is it difficult to sleep at night because of a stuffy nose?

Even the cold winter is here again. Even though the winter cold in Myanmar is not as severe as in other countries, the most annoying part of the night is the runny nose. I could not sleep with my nose closed. Only a runny nose can cure it. Nasal congestion is caused by shortness of breath. It is difficult to breathe because a person who is about to go to bed will not be able to sleep with this problem in mind.

What do you do if you close your nose at bedtime?

1. Adjust the pillow position.

Usually when sleeping on a single pillow. When the pillow you sleep on is flat and flat, you may have a stuffy nose at the back of your head and a stuffy nose. In this case, a small pillow is supported underneath. I slept with my pillow folded in half. The blanket can be folded down and placed on a pillow. When the neck is high, breathing becomes easier and the nose can be reopened.

2. Inhale and exhale regularly.

Close your nose and sit up for a while without resting due to shortness of breath and calm your mind. When you’re done, close one nostril and inhale slowly. If there are lumps inside, squeeze them out with a tissue. Try to go back to sleep when your nose is slightly open for 5 minutes and you can breathe.

3. Please drink water.

It is not advisable to drink water at bedtime, but water can relax the airways and help open a blocked nose. To prevent urination in the middle of the night, you should drink only a small amount of water or a small amount of water. If you drink plenty of water throughout the day, you will be less likely to have a stuffy nose during sleep.