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Children’s behavior will improve

There are many rules and restrictions that children do not like. Children can’t eat dog food. Parents may experience times when their children are upset because they cannot sleep in a tree and do not do what they want to do. When that happens, their crying may help them to realize that it is impossible to do the impossible and to help them to adjust. Crying is good for the baby because it turns anger into tears.

Tears are social, Promotes emotional development

Children need to be allowed to express themselves. It is the parents’ responsibility not to hurt themselves; Do not hurt others? They also need to be able to express their feelings within limits without harming objects around them. Allowing children to express their feelings with tears will enhance their social and emotional perceptions.

It relieves pain

Crying helps children to feel better. Physical; Researchers have found that it releases oxytocin and endorphins, which reduce emotional pain. So the next time you see a baby fall off a bicycle, you can make them feel better, but do not stop crying.