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Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge officially introduced

The Samsung Galaxy S7 and Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge were unveiled at MWC last night in Barcelona. The S7 Edge series has a curved edge, making it one of Samsung’s best-selling models.


The Samsung Galaxy S7 is 5.1 inches, while the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is 5.5 inches. So if more and more people like the larger design and the side-by-side design, it’s wondering if the S7 will sell as well as the S7 Edge. A person cannot be said to have his own preferences. Everything is the same except for the size. Super AMOLED uses the same image quality.

Processor and Hardware

There are two versions of the processor. It is unknown at this time what version will be available in Myanmar. It uses a Qualcomm Snapdragon 820, one with an Ocat Core 2.3 GHz quad and the other with a 1.6 GHz quad. It uses only 64 bit processor. The CPU is 30 percent faster than the previous Samsung Galaxy S6, and the GPU is 64 percent faster. It includes new features for gamers, including recording and braodcasting of game play.

Storage and SIM

In terms of storage, everyone is expecting 32GB and 64GB versions. Notably, the MicroSD card slot is expandable up to 200 GB. What’s more, the slot can also be used as a SIM card slot. So for those who want to buy a 64 GB version and use two SIM cards.